What makes OpenFaceTracker a unique project


Oft allows the detection of faces in real time. Our algorithms work in pictures, videos and video streams


Our recognition system can calculate the match rate of the person . It also supports real time recognition


Oft offers a RESTful web Api, that allows people to test our recognition and detection system; it also gives the opportunity to developers to create their own application based on OpenFaceTracker

Open Source

Our Project is an open source project under lGPLv3, the source code is available on github

Our Github repo


OpenFaceTracker is a facial recognition program capable to detect one or several faces on a picture or a video, and to identify them via a database
Detect , Act , Recognise

Facetracker is able to :

- Identify a person on a media (photo, video) in real time.

- following the identification, stock and print the available data pertaining to the identified person.

It works according to two modes :

- Active : the picture are continuously sent to Facetracker by a camera and are processed in real time. All data are saved in a database configured by the user. In this mode, it's use must be declared. Advantages: easily paired with a security system Possible uses: Identification of “blacklisted” people in a public area, verification of people identities in a secured area, completion of a clients follow-up system ...

- Passive : The program only receive pictures when a specific event occurs and for a short period. Only then are the data processed and stocked in the database. Depending on the configuration, Facetracker may send the results of the processing to another module (alarm, alert of the person in charge …) Advantages: Only use resources when necessary, this use does not need to be declared. Possible uses: Completion of a security system, identification of pictures on social medias.

  • Detection


  • Regognition


  • API


  • AI


Team Oft

Proof that we have real people working on our Project
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Godeleine Champenois

Project Manager
4th year student at ESIEA, I am part of the team since the very beginning. I am particularly interested by the artificial intelligence part of the project.
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Hamza Bourrahim

Technical Director
I’m currently a 4th-year engineering student specialized in Information Systems at ESIEA . I fell in love with computer science when I was 13 years old , since that day , I’ve never stopped learning . I started the OpenFaceTracker project when i was in second year
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Worphy Bimboutsa

Technical salesman
Presently , I am 4th year engineering student specialized in information systems at ESIEA graduate school of engineering . I have a passion for technology and more precisely I want to be a security engineer specialized in virology.In the future , I aim to become a project manager and complete business manager
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Ralph Obame

Technical Salesman
Presently , I am 4th year engineering student at ESIEA graduate school of engineering .



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